Monday, April 24, 2006

Photos: Apple unwraps 17-inch MacBook Pro: "The 17-inch MacBook Pro, which features Intel's Duo dual-core chip, is similiar to the 15-inch model.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Microsoft Tool To Help Users Avoid Typo Domains

Microsoft Tool To Help Users Avoid Typo Domains:
blueZ3 writes "ZDnet is running a story on a new tool from Microsoft that aims to inform users when they reach 'typo domains'. Apparently, there's concern in Redmond that IE users are being exploited by companies running ad farms on typo domains. The tool uses an automated search routine to look for domains with particular types of typographical errors--transpositions, incorrect TLDs, missing letters--and then adds the domains to a database. The eventual goal (though this isn't clear from the article) seems to be something akin to Verisign's URL redirecting, where typo domains are blocked."

Venus Probe Returns First Images

Venus Probe Returns First Images:
The BBC reports on the first images returned from Venus by the EU probe. From the article: "They show the hothouse planet's south pole from a distance of 206,452km. Mission scientists are already intrigued by a dark 'vortex' feature which can be clearly seen in one image. Venus Express will orbit the planet for about 500 Earth days to study its atmosphere, which is thought to have undergone runaway greenhouse warming." They're offering some high-rez images of the planet at the ESA website.

Lessig, Stallman on 'Open Source' DRM

Lessig, Stallman on 'Open Source' DRM:

Best of all possible shaftings?

When Sun trumpeted its 'open source DRM' last month, no one at first noticed an unusual name amongst the canned quotes. Lending his support to the rights enforcement technology was Free Software Foundation, Electronic Frontier Foundation board member, and Software Freedom Law Center director, Professor Lawrence Lessig. A name usually associated with the unrestricted exchange of digital media.…