Friday, March 23, 2012

I Have a great suggestion for all consumers: STOP buying SAMSUNG! They are Thieves & will screw you as customers, comes time for Support!
Recorded my convo with w/ julio, a Manager at SAMSUNG that flatly denied that the Monitors that they sell has 5 or even 3 years of Warranty!
Why Samsung such "Thieves" when it comes to honouring their own warranty? They leave you hi & dry when you need them! Shame on you Samsung!
SAMSUNG Puts "5 Year" Warranty stickers on their monitors & When comes time to honour it they say you have 1 Year of warranty! Legal? Right?
I have one thing to say about SAMSUNG Customer Service: It is PURE CRAP - never buy Samsung, At least I know I never will! DISGUSTING!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Been using Windows 8 in a 2GB EEEpc Asus netbook for a week now! General UI us horrible for the non experts coming from XP or 7! Gad!
Finsihed ordering the NEW iPad (32GB $G). Apple has done it again. The bar has been raised another mile or so for the rest of the market!