Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bill Gates warned....

Testifying before Congress, Bill Gates warned that the United States risked falling behind in high-tech innovation unless it revamped its education and immigration systems.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Canadian-built Dextre robot set for delivery to space station

It may be not be the only bot on the block for long but, for now at least, the Canadian-built Dextre robot has the spotlight to itself, with it set to blast off Tuesday on board the shuttle Endeavor for delivery to its new home on the International Space Station. What is mrnoe important is the fact that it is THE first one - just Like Canada Arm was. Go Canada Go!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

New iPhone Software Update at a glance

Well here we go: Apple has released the latest software release for iPhone and that truly has pushed it on the top and we are THIS close to iPhone Version 2.0 (and that is the time that I will buy mine and not sooner. Here is the outline of the additional functionality with the application of this update from Apple:

1.) Exchange Server ActiveSync
2.) Push Email direct from Exchange server
3.) Push Contacts direct from the Exchange server
4.) Access to Global Address list
5.) Support for Certificates and Identities (great for Corporate based systems)
6.) Wireless 802.1x and support of WPA2 (great security)
7.) Enforcing Server based Security Group Policies
8.) Remote setup and configuration Tools
9.) Remote Wipe ( this is great incase someone looses the phone

This is in addition to all the functionality that is already built in to the device. Wake makes it so much nicer is the fact that all these new additions are built in to the existing application and there are not steep learning curves. A Well thought of step on Apple's side.

We have to also acknowledge that Apple has had the full cooperation of Microsoft in all this and they have helped a great deal to facilitate these new developments.