Friday, June 27, 2008

Rogers has done it again! No UNLIMITED Data plan for iPhone

Well Rogers has done it again, showing it's yellow monopolistic teeth! 2GB of Data per month with the $115 Package? This is highway robbery! Are these corporate bloodsuckers for real?

All this is stemming from he fact that there are no competition for Rogers in Canada! No other GSM Service Provider! I was planning to at least buy 3 iPhone 3Gs, but I changed my mind! No iPhone till Rogers stops this draconian pricing for their data plan! What is hard to understand is this: Why Rogers has such a problem with DATA? Why? At least can they stop issuing decrees and actually explain to their clients why they are so stingy with their data bandwidth? May be also explain to us why the majority of Service Providers selling iPhone can sell their phones with an unlimited data plan?

Only 2GB a Month? This is a disgrace and it shows what Rogers really thinks about their Canadian Customers! They truly think that we are stupid & ignorant and that we neither know - nor are we capable of learning anything! Well I have news for you, Rogers: WE ARE NOT! I am canceling my plans for purchasing 3 iPhone 3G, until they offer UNLIMITED Data Plan! I am sure that most people, after finding out what Rogers is really doing, will cancel their plans as well. So I guess it was all for nothing to wait a full year for the arrival of iPhone to Canada! :(

Knowing about Rogers underhanded decision not to offer UNLIMITED data plan, Apple should have NEVER given iPhone sells rights to Rogers in the first place! Unlimited Data has been the cornerstone of Apple's agreement for allowing a Service Provider to sell iPhone. Rogers held out for a full year, knowing that they have the monopoly on GSM market, and Apple gave up, which is very uncharacteristic of Apple. I guess Apple doesn't care about their it's Canadian Clients either!

Friday, June 13, 2008

OS X Snow Leopard and Windows 7 = Same Apporach!!

Well I seem to have been right, again (if I may say so). As I said, in my short blog, the next version of OS X will be the same Leopard – just it will be really massaged – debugged and optimized and turbo charged! Do you draw a similarity with the Microsoft approach here? Windows 7 will be Vista - just it will be really massaged – debugged - optimized and turbo charged! Sacrilege! Apple following Microsoft in to the den of lions, no way! Well yes way!I guess this step on behalf of both companies is the nest logical step. They both have a great OS, and now after all this time, they will step back and improve their respective Operating Systems. Microsoft can go far in fixing the grievances that exist against Vista and make it what PC Users are looking for. They have a great and brand new Code Base that they can modify – fix and optimize to hell, especially in the area of Multi tasking – SMP – Threading and Thread Management. They can also improve the Thread_to_Core development tools in Visual studio 2009 or as a service pack to VS2008. This will also help other Software Engineers to develop that type application, that will certainly makes a better User experience. Apple on the other hand can improve on 64 bit version and in fact make it the de facto of OS X, that can run 32 Apps as well. In time all the Developers will recompile their applications in 64 bit format. Apple has a lot of work to be done on the improvement of her the XCode. In comparison to Visual Studio, XCode is very basic and primitive. So this will be time well spend to set Visual studio as a starting point and then deliver Visual Studio as a minimal delivery cornerstone and surpass it by a long way. Mind you this will prove to be very hard task to achieve, since Visual Studio 2008 is totally amazing. But is great in under promising and over delivering. May be both companies can admit that they have great Operating Systems that is in dyer need of optimization and improvements. Yes Stranger things has happened, but would this also happen? Hard to believe!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Router crashes blamed on Windows XP SP3?

Been having problems with your broadband router rebooting unexpectedly? Windows XP SP3 has been named as the culprit?

Broadband modem/router maker Billion says XP SP3 has been causing its BiPAC 5200-series routers to go into a constant crash and reboot cycle.

The company has produced firmware upgrades that solve the problem.
Although Windows XP SP3 has been available for manual download from Microsoft since May 6, it has just hit Windows Update as an automatic upgrade, which will cause unexpected problems for owners of “unpatched” Billion BiPAC 5200 routers, and possibly other brands or models of router. No this is a load of crap if I have ever heard one! How the hell SP3 of the XP causes the crash of a Router! This is the best example of: "BLAME IT ON MICROSOFT! This is really going overboard! Billion clean up your act and stop blaming your tech problems! the best part is: Billion doesn't even bother to explain how they have come to this conclusion as to why SP-3 has caused the problem or show any proof! Not bad, just point Microsoft and scream!