Sunday, September 28, 2008

Apple's teflon Halo protects it for ANYTHING?

Apple's 10.5.5 is giving headaches to some. Adobe Printing - Elgato Video rendering, et-al. We hear nothin!! Must be the teflon halo! Nothing seems to stick to it, even when Apple is totally in the wrong. If Microsoft did this, we would all scream for the head of those responsible! Won't we? I use Mac and PCs at work and at home. I develop for both platforms, so I am not biased! But we all treat Apple like it can't do any wrong and Microsoft totally as opposite! What do you think? Do you do that too? Do you hate Microsoft windows Vista and you have never every see it or run it? Do ya? Don't we all? Unfair? Yes - but reality of life.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

NebuAd mess is really hitting the fan!

Well NebuAd mess is really hitting the fan now. To the point that the ISPs are calling "opt-in" Targeting Ad! When will they learn? I am really - when will they learn that they cannot force consumers to watch ads and worse than that, if they are able to force us, who would really appreciate what they are trying to sell us - much less than buying it! Why are the marketing and advertising companies that work on the net so dumb! Most of us are sophisticated enough to know if we are being ad-fed (what NebuAd tried to do in UK) and if it is forced upon us, then it is guaranteed that we won't buy, even tho the product might have been good! DuH! This the same stupid disease that the Spammer are suffering from! Change your ways guys - Forget about Ad-feeding us and definitely stop forcing the spam and ads on us! You might even be able to make money the right way! Do you feel the same way? Would you buy the product that <b><u>they forced its advertising</u></b> on you?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ecto to WordPress Blog Page

Well, I am testing the Ecto as a tool too post blogs to my brand new WordPress site. I really like Ecto! If you have a Mac and you Blog, then I recommend it highly. Check it out.

The new MSFT's Ads: "I am a PC"

I just saw the new ad campaign from MSFT and it looked good! at least much better than the Seinfeld, by far! Well it seems that MSFT is regaining back it's spirit and wants to fight! Imagine if this monster with all it's money wakes up! It will kick azz so so bad! I use Macs and PCs for my work as well as personal usage. SO I am not biased to wards or another one. But it's time for Microsoft to come out swinging. What do you think? Do you like Microsoft to get a bit harder on it;s competitors? Like it used to be, or do you like the newer "gentler" Microsoft? Personally, I can't stand the new gentler Microsoft! It is like the old USSR. MSFT is bid - rough and tumble, with a lot of money and large enough boot that can kick any competitor's azz! But this is only my idea. What do you thing? Speak up!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Been away!

Hello, My Blog! I have been away far too long! But we started this new Project and it has been taking all my time. But this weekened I have a few new Blog entires that I will be publishing. Not to worry!