Wednesday, June 30, 2010

German Justice Minister is demading to know what Data Appls is gathering! Sound demand!
Apple has surpassed 2M mark on sales of iPhone 4. Now show me ONE Android company that has sold ONE model that sold that many! in 1 Week!
I am totally fed up with the Animation and Animatied GIF files that people inset in Google Buzz! Eats a lot of my CPU/GPU! Stop already!
I have removed Firefox from every Windows based systems that I have. In-other-words, No more Firefox for me! You should do the same!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Developing my 2nd iPhone / iPad Application on XCode and OS 3. Its straight forward. If you do Obj-C and you know XCode you adapt fast!
when I quit Firefox, on ANY Platform, it hangs & after a minute it comes back with the Script is not quiting msg! Firefox getting worse!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Nokia is throwing cheap shots at Apple, saying that you can HOLD Nokia Phone "Any Way You Like", pointing to iPhone 4 Antena Problems! lOlz
Well I was right. Apple has smashed all the records and sole more than 1.7 million iPhone on the first 24 hours! Shortage already? Damn!
Is Apple that impressive that lately no matter what they touch, it becomes gold? I sure that the strain will show itself soon!
iPhone 4 sold more than 1.5+ million on first day, AT&T won't start selling them until 29 June. For 4 gen device, it's impressive!
I am holding out on ordering the iPhone 4. I want to see some of the bugs are fixed, before I cough-up my hard earned money. Little Longer!
Android sales are catching up with iPhone! Remember there is one co selling iOS 4 based devices & 10+ companies selling Android devices.
Bloomberg: Out of Spotlight, Macintosh sales grow. Mac is dead? Furthermore, if there are no Macs, then there are no iPhone - iPad or Ipod!
An Apple a day - Keeps Microsoft away? Strange logic, isn't it? just kidding - We need Microsoft more than we admit to it! Go MSFT, Go!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

On Youtube using Chrome running on a windows 7 32B and in the middle of the video it crashed - BSD and rebooted itself! Flash = KAKA! lOlz
I keep getting too many redirection error from my browser when I go to Ping.FM. Does anyone know what the problem is? Thanx!
Apple and AT&T have been Sued for $1000,000,000USD for changing of the iPad Data Plan! I love it! They have to learn a stuff lesson! lOlz
Here we go! Google's Gmail, will be utilizing HTML5. HTML5 will play a great role in what we do and how we interact on the Net. ASP.NET?
Solved my Battery Problem with my iPod Touch & battery drain under iOS 4. Turn off WiFi manually & alls well. Apple FIX the damn problems!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I am kinda fed up with iOS 4 update that I upgraded my iPod Touch 32GB. Looking around the nNet for a downfgrade procedure to 3.2.3!
Apple & AT&T are sued over iPad Data Plan change! Is there a Judge in north America that has the balls to slam both & order plan back????
Recieved my New MacBook Pro yesterday & it's a speed demon! Core i7 - 15" - 4GB (adding 4GB today) - 256GB SSD. Damn fast! Get it...
TI is coming up with a new Tablet called Blaze! This is great news. the more competition we have the more apple has to compete! lOlz

Friday, June 25, 2010

OMG! I can't believe this! The Stupid jerk of "Will it Blend" is Back again w/ an iPhone 4! He does look stpid,. doesn't he? Check pix.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Updated my iPod Touch 32GB to 4.0, my battery is drained 50% in 24 hours of NONE USAGE! WTH is going on, Apple? Have the same Problem?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It seems that if you hold the new iPhone in your hand long enough 0 touching the bar antenna, it looses its reception!! What gives?
NING is going pay, and the sharks are smelling the blood! Posterous is targeting NING fall outs! What made NING go pay? Pure Stupidity! lOl
Apple fixed 50+ security holes of OS 3.x to iOS 4 for iPhone. All these holes exists on iPad, which won't be updated until late fall! hUh?
Have you tried the Safari 5.0 READER option? I have been using it for the sites that have large articles & it's amazing! Try it...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Updating my iPod Touch 2nd Gen 32GB to the iOS 4. Hope that all will go well. Being backed up as I tweet! Nervous lOlz...
Apple iOS 4 seems to be satisfying most of OS 3.x wish list. Apple's problem: Always upward compatible, never backward!
Sales of iPad is going up. First 2 months: 2M and now in less than 20 days Apple sold another Million. 3M in the past 80 days. WoW!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My WordPress 3.0 update for went well. Much better than I thought! May be it's time for a new Look?
Here we go with the WordPress 3.0! Message from Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute!
Been contemplating the whole week if I should update my WordPress Site or should I be waiting for version 3.1? Any ideas?
Lines are starting for iPhone 4, as far as Dallas & Vancouver! Is it possible that this company sells a product that we don't gobble up?
Just saw an Android Slate from NEC & it's ugly! If this is an indication of what Android slates, then Apple has nothing to worry about!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Apple has updated the MobileME Web UI and it looks like the iPad screen! Will this interface be forced on other Apple Desktop Apps?

Friday, June 18, 2010

When would you estimate the release of the iPad 2.0 from Apple? Under 18 months? I have this feeling that it will be less than a year!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In less than 2.5 months, AppStore is carrying more than 10,000 iPad Specific apps. These numbers can grow way past iPhone numbers! Go Apple!
Apple released 10.6.4 update. Strange that I went to hcedk for the Server update and I got Security update 004. No OS X Server update, yet?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Apple valution is at $231B & MSFT at $223B, yet MSFT made $17B of profit as oppose to Apple's $11B. Why MSFT is close to 50% more profitable?
AT&T: they have had the largest traffic in their history & they have crashed 7 times since last night cause of weight of iPhone orders! lOlz
AT&T Reports that pre-orders of Apple iPhone 4 has been sold out! Will iPhone 4 out sell it's predecessor? It has the possibility! WoW!
Why can't AppStore sell iOS Apps? Why does Apple have to launch a new iOS retail AppStore?
Starbucks to offer Free WiFi all their locations in North America! They started 2 years ago & watched their revenues plumed! About time!
Apple seems to have combined the Lower and higher end Mac MiNi into one and also increased the price of MiNi by 10%. Strange!
Apple working closely w/ NVIDIA & ATI to improve the gaming graphics on Macs. If Macintosh is dead, then why all this attention? lOlz!
iPhone pre-orders, seem to be bringing AT&T servers! Can iPhone 4 beat the initial sales record of previous ones'? Now that would be a WoW!
It's said that Apple is working on a set of Application suits that manipulate Media. This could be Audio / Video / Streams and and and!
AT&T Servers are making problem for pre-Orders of the iPhone 4. I guess no one is surprised! AT&T - Yuk!
With the new update for Apple MiNi, you can now use dual monitors. One on HDMI & one on MiNi-Display. Also, Firewire 800 is still there!
Adobe seems that have hasten the pace of updates! First Flash Player & now Air jumped to 2.x. Adobe feeling the proverbial hot coals? lOlz
Apple MiNi Lives on & just got an update: 2.44GHz Core2Duo / 2GB RAM - NVIDIA GeForce 320M - 320GB HD with HDMI. A GREAT Media Center?

Monday, June 14, 2010

I love the READER in the Safari 5. Just to to an article that you want to read - load page and click on READER in Address box. You love it!
Microsoft giving away redesigned XBOX to every journalist in the E3 Press conference! Q: Will the journalists accept them? Oh yea!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Next Apple desktop OS is happening at a slower rate, because Apple has dedicated so much engineering resources to iOS 4? Is that it?
Apple has set another mile stone & 'every' smartphone maker has to follow! The Retina Display! Problem is there aren't enough of them! lOlz
The Loop: "Lets forget about this Mac Is Dead and get back to work"! OK, lets...
Microsoft is planning to cut up to 40,000 jobs in the next 12 months! Is tech industry dead? If MSFT dumps 40,000 jobs, imagine others!
Play Farmville? Make sure that you don't sit there just watch the screen. The Damn Flash game pushes your CPU Cores to 100% in idle! Crap!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Apple is signalling Devs to update their apps for iOS-4 and this is interesting! Does apple have probs running Legacy Apps on iOS-4?
Apple's new iPad app, iMovie, won't run on a 3.x iPad! It needs the iOS 4 and we know that won't be released for iPad sooner than Sept! yuk!
BS! iPad email hackers defend attack as 'ethical'! Can you believe this? Ethical? What bunch of mamboolies!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sync iCal to-do with iPhone

Sync iCal to-do with iPhone: "Why yes, it should be a simple matter to sync to-do items between your iPhone and iCal. And it is, with the right software.

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Apple added Fast PDF functionality to iBooks & now iBooks seems to be the app to use view all PDF files. Kill 2 birds with one stone? Nice!
AT&T, screwed up! Yet again! AT&Twebsite revealed iPad 3G owners email addresses! It's not just bandwidth, the screw up on everything. yuk!
Dan Lyons, FAKE Stave Jobs, has nutz & thinks Macs are dead! Apple will never kill Mac! Wake the hell up and smell the crap you write! lOlz
Isn't Google's new in-you-ear advertizing an open form of unlawful wire-tapping? Think! First Oline privacy and not on-phone privacy? Next?
Google lowers phone bills, but you will here in your ear ads related what you were talking about. Google will listen to your convo openly!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Home Sweet Home! Back from WWDC10, all in all a great experience and I learned a lot. Will write a blog in 2-3 parts about my experiences.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Apple has rleased Safari 5 for Mac & Windows & it looks good! HTML5 - Extetions & much more. Updating now!
From WWDC10: Back from a great late lunch. I don't need sea food for at least 6 months! Gotta make some notes from Steve Jobs Keynote...
From WWDC10: Time to leave. Planning to Dine at Fisherman's warf today!
From WWDC10: All done! Surprising: Nopt even ONE Damn word about Macs and OS X development! WTF! This is WWDC and not WODC!
From WWDC10: New iPhone will be available ib June 24!
From WWDC10: New iPhone is the same price as 3Gs/ Cmes in two colors: Black & White!
God Help us! This iAd will bring embded ads in free Apps!
From WWDC10: At last we get all the books across all the hand held devices. paying once for them! Yahoo!
From WWDC10: 100 Millionth iOS based device this month! WoW!
From WWDC10: We are getting a Gold Master for iOS 4 today. Yahoo!
From WWDC10: Search will stay with Google, but Yahoo and Bing are added to tghe list as options.
From WWDC10: At last folders and some kinda file management! About damn time!
From WWDC10: Back! Here we go with OS 4. BNow it will be called iOS 4 and with 1500 new APIs and full multi tasking! available Man 15.
From WWDC10: Steve Jobs is asking us all to shut off their laptops and their iPhones for a small test! BRB
From WWDC10: iPhoto for iPhone 4 will be $4.99.
From WWDC10: iMovie seems great on iPhone. You can make the movie and edit it and directly upload to favorite social media with Geotagging!
From WWDC10: iMovie for the iPhone and hopefully soon for iPad!
From WWDC10: iPhone's Camera has a flash and it's resolution will be 5MP. I was expecting 8MP+. The Video will be HD video! WoW!
From WWDC10: the 3d motion is so so so smooth! Is it even better than iPad? Will iPad also get that technology?
From WWDC10: iPhone with gyro and accelerometer will have a 6 axis motion detections.
From WWDC10: Now iPhone includes a gyroscope and it would be amazing possiblities and Gaming!
From WWDC10: iPhone is also Green!
From WWDC10: iPhone is indeed Apple A4 CPU based! The battery is also bigger. 10 Hours of video 7 hours normal Talk and 300 hours of standby!
From WWDC10: New iPhone 4 has 400% more contrast in compaision to 3Gs!
From WWDC10: iPhone 4 really looks and feels great! It's about time that Apple comes with a higher than standars phone!
From WWDC10: New iPhone - Yahoo! After 3 years, I am getting an iPhone 4! 25% Thiner! Thniest Smartphone ever made!
From WWDC10: Steve is back and App promos are done! Now we may get into good stuff...
From WWDC10: A lot of game makers are coming iPad adn iPhone way!
From WWDC10: Now guitar Hero is here and with a new experience! Big Apploud!
From WWDC10: Still on farmville! Damn dudes!
From WWDC10: Now we are going Farmville! Gad! I play it too! Steve intorduced the Farmville for iPhone, coming stand alone!
From WWDC10: Steve Jobs is showing off the fact that Safari seems to be the ONLY Browser at this time that is HTML compliant!
From WWDC10: Now Jobs is taling about AppStore!
From WWDC10: Steve Jobs going thru new functionality of iPad. PDF reader got a huge hooray!
From WWDC10: Steve is saying that their iAd is much better than Google Ads.
From WWDC10: Sorry. I meant to say 5800m apps for iPad! lOlz
From WWDC10: Steve find the people freaking out over iPad. Nearly 2000 apps fopr iPad already out! WoW!
From WWDC10: Steve Giving the Stas on the company sales, especially iPad.
From WWDC10: Steve Jobs is happy with the performance of the WWDC10. Here goes Numbers about iPad.
Others to follow...
From WWDC10: Please screaming "We love you Steve!". Steve: "Thanx, I think"!
From WWDC10: Here he is - Standing O. Good morning everyone! lOlz
From WWDC10: Lights low. We are getting under way! We son't be disapponted, at least Steve thinks so!
From WWDC10: Here we go! please turn off your cellphones and PDAs. Wonderfull Word Song! hmmm
From WWDC10: We are in and waiting for Stevie to show up. Electric atmospher! Expections are too high! Can anyone meet it?
From WWDC10: 'Morning! Up at crack of dawn (kinda) - Jetlag - Getting ready. Will be at Moscone on 8:00. Expecting long lines!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Adobe might bing Adobe Audition to Mac and that would be a great movie. Audition 3.0 on Windows is very popular, Mac will be too! :)

Friday, June 04, 2010

I started flashing my phone with the new release. Everything is crossed, including my eyes! What the hell am I typing? lOlz
It has always been scary for me to flash my smartphones. I am about to Flash one of my phone right now and still I am scared! Why? lOlz!
Apple has a great section for introducing HTML5 & it's Pretty comprehensive. HTML5 looks good. Check it out:
Do you think that Verizon will get the iPhone on Monday, at WWDC10?

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Apple Mini is in short sply and Apple isn't repleneshing. Mini is Dead, RIP! Mini is getting a major upgrade? Core i3 / i5 / HDMI upgrade?
I feel clostrophobic when I use my MSI Netbook too long for surfing the Web! How is this possible? How about you? lOLz
AT&T one of the most lothed companies in N. America had 1 thing going for it: "Unlimited Data Plan"! Now thats gone too!
what's left? lOlz
Doesn't MSFT reallyy get it? Complex OS like Windows 7 can not work on a simple PAD unless severly dibilitated! Makes no sense!
Emaling stupid CEO of AT&T will result in angry call backs from their reps with promise of legal action. Why don't we all STOP using AT&T?
Where are gov regulators when you need one! why is none of the Gov agencies take on the AT&T's illegal actions? Stop this monster!
If you are planning to get the new iPhone, please wait till afterWWDC10. Chances are Apple might break AT&T's strangle-hold on iPhone! lOl
I hope this is last time Customers allow an ISP screw them so badly as AT&T did their iPad customers. No unlimited Data pack! Shame, AT&T!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

AT&T's last treachery will be their iPhone down fall. They killed Unlimited Data pack ($30) & Apple is opening iPhone to Verizon in WWDC!
So AT&T has SCREWED their loyal customers, again, by going back on their word! There will be no unlimited Data Package from Monday. Sick!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

iPhone sales has grown by 33% and Symbian by 13.98%. Android (all phone makers) is a distant 6.21%. What is wrong w/ Android phone(S)? lOlz
Skype really going full pay? Even at a very low cost, this plan will spell the demise of Skype. I hope they see this before it's too late!
I am leaving for WWDC10 on Satyuday night! Looking forward to this years training courses. This is my 4 year in a row. Who is going?
Google might have dropped Windows for OS X based Macs, but Microsoft share is set at 91.28%. No one can unseat this 9000 pound Gorilla! lOl
Was Steve-Eric Coffee Summit a conspiracy to drop Windows use internally at Google & Apple oproviding Macs & OS Xes to replace Win boxes?
W/ Google dropping the use of Windows internally, would other companies follow Google's trend and reasoning? Could be a huge blow to MSFT!