Saturday, November 01, 2008


I have been thinking about buying another Mac MINI and set it up as my 'Media Center" in my Home office and I was waiting for the release of the 'new' Mac MINI. As soon I decided to get the machine, new rumors surfaced that Apple is about to discontinue Mac MINI (and shoot itself in the foot). This could be a grave mistake on the Apple's part! Why? Well, Mac MINI has been single handedly responsible for the renewed interest in the Macintosh line of computers in general and specifically the sales of all in one iMac. It all started with release of Apple iPod, of course, and then came Mac MINI - the first Apple low priced Mac ever. A large percentage of iPod owners decided they will have the low priced Mac as the perfect companion to their iPod. Most of these Mac MINI Owners have gone to upgrade their systems to iMac and or completely switched to Apple systems. So, in my judgement, discontinuing the Mac MINI will be a gargantuan mistake and Apple will suffer the consequences of it very quickly. Unless Apple has a replacement for MINI in the similar price bracket, otherwise they should keep MINI around. I guess I will wait for another week or two and then buy the existing one. Will let you know again. What do you know about this? Do you own a MINI? Did you switching to iMac because if your MINI?