Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Google - Microsoft - Yahoo Code of Conduct!

Google - MSFT - Yahoo have brought down their new "Code of Conduct Commandments" from the Mountain (Written on stone, no doubt) for operating in China! Is this not too little - damn too late? After all the cooperation that they all have offered to the RED COMMUNIST CHINESE government to track down normal people and collect information on them! Here they are - all three of them - talking about Code of Conduct for operating in China? Damn too late in my book. Do no Evil? Yea - right!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Google Adds KILL SWITCH to Android!

images.jpeg images-1.jpeg

The nerve of these damn people! Unbelievable! Google included 'Kill Switch' in Android so they can kill Apps remotely on 'YOUR' phone! Just like Apple's remote erase switch! We pay for the Phone & rightly so we expect to be totally in control of our property and they control it remotely and at their discretion? What makes Google and Apple to be in charge of our property that we paid for? How can this be justified? We should never buy and item that we will not have total control of it. This is disgusting! We DESU Apple iPhone and Google Android totally!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Microsoft Office:mac 2008 and 2004 Updates


MSFT released security update for Office 2008 & 2004. So if you use any, then update. 2008 version weights at 154MB opening to 450MB! Why MSFT released Office:mac 2008 update of 12.1.13 (154MB) for manual update? If you check for updates thru Apps, you get no updates! This sounds very suspicious to me! Why would Microsoft do that? Why not make it available thru the normal update system? Does any of you know anything about this? Please let me know.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Microsoft to Introduce New Windows STRATA

Windows Strata is the name that could describes the new version of Windows to be released soon! Strata will be Core OS - Mesh as Application Control Layer? Microsoft? What will be the GUI? Will Mesh be also used as the MMI and GUI? Will Microsoft get a lesson from Apple and Create a great GUI like AQUA and run it over the STRATA? Remains to be seen. What have you heard? Share with the rest of us.

Apple sending out invitation for 14 Oct!

It is confirmed now! Apple is sending invitation for a "town hall meeting" in SF on 14 Oct for the release of the new Macbook and MacBook Pro notebooks! Looking at how long ago the MacBook and MacBook Pro were introduced, its about time! This will boost Apple's over sales high. Talk about waiting for the last min! Now what do we do? Buy a new set of MacBook Pros? hmmm! LOL! I guess so! How about you? Are you going to get a brand new MacBook or even a Pro? Are you due for an upgrade? Sound off!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Air Force Will Fight Online, Without Cyber Command!

USAF Cyber Command forming a force that will wage war online! It's about time! The Red Communist China has such force for 15 years. It is widely known that the Red Communist Chinese has been using Cyber Warfare against US-Canada and a select list of European Countries including Russia) 24/7. So this is great news that USAF is taking these matters very seriously and is planing to counter it with force. Every country on that list, should join and help USAF Cyber Counter Intelligence efforts to stop the RED communist Chinese menace and their illegal intrusions in to our lives! Go USAF!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


After Yahoo and Google helping China Spy, now Skype admits helping China spy on the calls to and from China via Skype! Do no Evil? My AZZ! This is disgusting to me, but what do you think about this? How do you feel about Skype knowing that they help China spy? If they help China to spy why not other countries? Now we know, even Skype with all the encryption build in their system, are EVIL too.

AMD chips in Apple systems?

Does Apple has a exclusive deal with INTEL? If not, will Apple ever use AMD CPU and Chipsets in their upcoming systems? This will be so great, since Intel has to compete with AMD and traditionally Intel has to follow the AND trend, since they always cut the price and consequently Apple systems will be more affordable and they will hopefully sale more! What do you think, will they ever take this step? Will Intel allow this? I, for one, love to see this. What do you think? will you buy a MBP with AMD chip inside?

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Microsoft is eying the Open Document format!

Will Open Document Format be taken over Microsoft. What is the strategy? Remember, MSFT just gave away Open Office Document format! What is the strategy? Will MSFT give away the Office Open XML Document format to open source and now they are eyeing this up and coming standard? Are they going to corner the market again and start using the Open Document format as the primary format for Office? Hmmm! As Mr. Spoke says: "The possibilities are endless!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

ClickJacking - The Web Strikes Back!

After finding out about the huge hole in TCP that can sink any server with a rather low bandwidth with no need for Bot Fleets, now we hear about ClickJacking! A new attack that 'ALL' Browsers are vulnerable to! So, it makes absolutely no difference, which browser you are using. If yo get hit by ClickJacking - you won't survive, regardless of what server you were using at the time!

Simply put, ClickJacking is: "The basic description of the attack is that it allows the attack to trick the user into clicking on something other than what they thought they were clicking on. The two researchers who discovered the technique say that it " an attacker the ability to trick a user into clicking on something only barely or momentarily noticeable." This click could be the gateway to many other kinds of exploits on your system." When you hear all this about the web, don't you feel sick? Don't you want to stop surfing? May be this is the ultimate goal of these people! To stop you being on the net - learn and fin out about the things that 'they' cannot hide for you anymore! Could this be the ultimate goal? Web certainly creates a lot of headaches for those that run the whole show behind the closed doors - faceless - nationless people that run our lives for us. Now we have tools that we can track them and find out instantly what they are up to and this by no means is acceptable to them! May be they want to corrupt the well and stop us all from come to web and find out what they are up to! The thought is plausible! Think about it! What do you think? Plausible or Conspiracy Theory?

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Recived an Acer Aspire 5050 laptop

Well I guess this is the good luck week, knock on wood. Someone gave me an Acer Aspire 5050, which I promptly accepted, Since I don't have a small Dev machine running on WinXp Sp-3. My Laptop is Vaio that runs Vista Ultimate + Visual Studio 2008 Team and a bunch of other 2007 based apps. Sot this small dual core machine is a blessing for me, since I can run Windows XP-SP3 and Visual Studio 2005 Pro with the older version of Office 2003 on this machine. A nice addition to my bag-o-tricks! LOL!

Bought an iPod Touch 2.0 - 32GB model

Got an Apple iPod Touch 2.0 yesterday. Got 32GB version & it is nice! Not just an iPod-a net device! Sync nicely with my MobileME. Email and everything that you can think that you need on the net! The interface is well thought of - intuitive and fast! Apple's Man-Machine-Interface always has been great and they have maintained that tradition in iPod Touch as well. Now it's time to move some music in to this apparatus and find out how much better it is than my version 5.5 iPod 80GB. How do you like the audio quality of the new Version 2.0 as oppose to the previous one? Are they the same? Your comments, please.