Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Apple Refunding Final Cut X Buyers! Clear that Apple is not worried about the rumble! Simply refunds & give them the birdies! Is it wise?

Friday, June 17, 2011

What Dev Tools will MS provide in Comparison to Visual Studio 2010 that we are using? Primitive Tools for Primitive HTML6/JS? Disgusting!
With Windows 8's GUI built mostly via HTML5 / Java Scripts, do I still want to be a Windows Software Developer? .NET? WinForms? WPF? WTF!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Will Microsoft compete with Apple on OS prices? Apple OS X 10.7 will be sold at $29, will Windows 8 be sold at a competitive price? Naaah

Monday, June 06, 2011

Apple had the iCloud FREE! This is amazing for every OS X and iOS device owner! Well Done Apple!
Apple iOS 5 and Dev tools available today.
The next Apple OS, Lion 10.7 will be sold for $29 for 5 systems. that means 6 for each machine! Microsoft cheapest and worse OS is $89!
Apple says Mac sales up by 28% and Mac is kicking ass and taking names! lOlz
Is Apple WWDC11 bringing Twitter and Ping.FM to their knees? Will poor little tweeter go to distress like every year? lOlz
How far off would you say we are form the retail release of Lion, Apple OS X 10.7?
Ping.FM is nto down - its just as slow as crap! PING.FM, can you say SCALE? DuH!
Is ping.fm down? Can anyone access it?
Looking forward to seeing the WWDC11 Keynote!
Big Day today. Apple WWDC11 Keynote in a few hours.Will Apple wake up & thank loyal Mac users by making iCloud FREE for every one of them?

Saturday, June 04, 2011

If Apple wants to keep its Halo, it should make iCloud free for every Mac owner - saying thanx to Customers for loyalty! Am I dremaing?
Steve Jobs will be at WWDC11 Keynote. He knows the value of his presence and inspiration that he generates among Dev for Lion. Go Jobs! lOl
Amazaing news: Apple's market value more than Microsoft & Intel COMBINED! Apple is valued at $316.8B. MS=$201B - Intel=$115B. Go Apple! lOl

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Does Google use Reichsf├╝hrer Schmidt as the evil escape goat? Directing our attentiuon on him and fogetting about Google? Google that evil?
Used IE Afer 3 years! Nothing worked, cause Add-ons was disabled! A true disgusting out-o-box experience! No need to Shoot MS, MS does it!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

As part of Apple suit, Samsung is demanding to see the iPhone 5 & iPad 3! I guess they want to copy them A-Z beforehand! Sneaky Samsung!
Will Apple announce ARM based Macbook Airs in WWDC11, getting Intel all worked out? Looking forward to see what Intel's reaction!
Apple's iCloud should be announced in WWDC11 & declared FREE for all Mac Owners as a sign of Apple Goodwill towards their loyal customers!
A joke: Cold Eric Schmidt be the Biological Father of Mark Zuckerberg (AKA Suckerberg)? Devil & Anti-Christ on Internet? Evil!
Is there a way to Shut Eric Schmidt up? A gag order from God? Put foot in his mouth again comparing competitors "4 Horse Men of internet".
Will Apple wake up & improve iCloud - then make it free for every Mac Owner? MS done it in form of SkyDrive 4 Office! Why not Apple?
Apple put out update for MacDefender Malware and by noon they had changed virus strain that can by pass that remedy. Time to get AV? lolz
Will Apple release OS X 10.7 (Lion) on 6th of June, in WWDC11? If so, what would be the update price? Will be $39, like Sno-Leo was? lOlz
Linus Torvalds christened Linux to 3.0.0rc1. Alleluia! He also said that the Kernel 3.0 is the same as 2.6.x! Just renumbering? WTF! lOlz