Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If one searchs for porn - would Google target one for porn advertising? Does google have Pronography clients that adverise on Google? hmmmm
Google "User privacy is on their mind all day long". Sure! They are thinking how to maximize corp profits by selling our privacy? Schmidt?
Any one know if Google has changed theIr coporate moto to: "BE EVIL"? Or is it: "BE AS EVIL AS U CAN BE"? I amnot sure tho! lOls
Does any one know if Google have changed theor coporate moto to: "BE EVIL"? Or is it: "BE AS EVIL AS U CAN BE"?
Does any one know if Google have changed theor coporate moto to: "BE EVIL"? Or is it: "BE AS EVIL AS U CAN BE"?
Q: Is there a secret pack between Facebook and Google to rape & pillage internet users on behalf of larger corps? Possible? lUls...
Isn't it time that we ask our Govs to start REGULATING the big Internet Corps like Google & Facebook? They are getting worse all the time!
Time to
Close all our accounts & stop using any Google Services before they publlish all our personal info to the world? Google is EVIL!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why is it that the Windows 7 Backup program SO SO SO SLOW! Is this the same back program that MS brought form Win95? Taking for ever! lUls
Macintosh is 28 years old! Happy B-day to Apple. A Long and winding road, but winning at the end of is all! Well done Steve; RIP...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This the day to fight back against MPAA -RIAA posionous SOPA & PIPA Laws trying to break internet & any tech that can threatening profits!
No matter what you do, these Damned MPAA & RIAA keep coming back! SOPA down, they cam back with PIPA. Multi headed Serpent! Makes me SICK!
MPAA & RiAA are systems for the alreay FAT CATS of the industry to get FATTER! Is there a more hated bodies than MPAA & RIAA today? NOOOOO!
Why don't threse Damned IRAA & MPAA & SOPA all go to hell - Never to return! Stop buying movies or music for 3 months! They will shutup!
Resist SOPA no matter where you live. If it happens in North America, it will come to a neighborhood near you! Stop screwing with Internet!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day Nightmaring: upon opening his eyes in the morning, does Eric Schmidt of Google scream: ACTUNG!!!? Very Fashionable in 1938-1945! lOlz
Chrome's Anti SOPA Plugin stamps Apple to be a SOPA supporter! Is this true Apple? If so - Shame on you! SOPA is a BAD Law, Die SOPA!!!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Beginning to think that Eric Schmidt can't count! lOlz. He keeps comparing iPhone (made by 1apple) with Andriod (made by 15 Companies)! DuH!
Will Google & Eric Schmidt ever have enough of people's personal info so he can sell or 'give' to some Gov agency? Do No Evil? My AZZ!
Why is it Google Services from time to time stop you form loging in and send you for a schmidt designed interogation of your personal info?

Friday, January 06, 2012

hmmm Is Google trying to kill Chrome like dozens of apps that they have killed in the past? They don't fix Chrome bugs so Users go away?hmmm
Does Google Hear all complaint about CHROME (Slowness - MemLeaks, etc)? Why don't they fix it? So big that don't care about their users?YuK

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

This is Disgusting: Mozilla can't compile & Link FireFox in a PC with 32B OS and 4 GB of ram! Need Cross build form win 64b! Slim Down FF!