Thursday, May 29, 2008

New D-Link coax cable home networking tech to hit 175Mbps


The D-Link Coax Ethernet Adapter Kit (DXN-221) is targeted at the home network. This isn't a router though, and it's not meant for everyone. D-Link is targeting home users that already have coaxial wiring in their home, promising to put it to good use in their existing network. In a way, the move makes perfect business sense for D-Link since most new homes and apartments come wired with coaxial. Homeowners want their satellite and cable signals everywhere throughout the domicile, and the same goes for their home network and Internet connection.

MY QUESTION IS THIS: At this time that Cable & DSL companies and trying to 'cap' the amount of bandwidth that consumers can use per month (First and worse Videotron Cable company), is this not a true contradiction in term? We give you a modem that can run at 175Mb/s and at the same time we will cap your usage to a minimum. So bad, that at that high speed, you can burn thru your Monthly quota in matter of few days. So this shows that ISPs want to kill Net Neutrality one - and two start metering and over charging the North American consumers. The business model that the European ISPs were using for nearly 10 years and now they have given it all up and took metering out of the big pictures, since the European Government forced them to do so.

Some pity for the North American Consumer, since we do not have governments that would get involved on the side of the Consumer battling the evil intentions of large and monopolizing corporations. In Canada our last hope hangs with CRTC. May be they would challenge the ISPs on the mater of Net Neutrality and Metering and over charging Data Related Services.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is iPone 2.0 really coming in June 9th WWDC08?

iPhone.png I never bought the iPhone last year when it was released! Wy you say, because Apple and AT&T had it wrapped so hard that nothing was open or modifiable by the owner that I decided to go with N95-8G which has been working great for me for the past several months. Now there is talk of the new iPhone, possibly version 2.0. I am not convinced that the next release is truly version 2.0. If I deem it to be version 2.0, then I will place my order right there and then. But until then, I reserve judgement. Tho, I am excited...

Office mac:2008 Review

suite_small.jpg I have been using the Microsoft Office mac:2008 for the past 4 months and it seems to be good. I have been using Entourage and Microsoft Word Exclusively and they seems to work great! I will have an in depth work knowledge of the apps and I will be reporting on them soon. Stay tuned!

Ecto is actually working with BlogSpot!

hushmail canada.jpg

Well, this is the first time that I see that a Blogging program is actually is accessing my account on the Blogger! Well we will see if it can actually post to it and if I can, I will be blogging more often. That is for sure! I also added a picture too.