Friday, October 29, 2010

I still don't know if the Microsoft Office:mac 2011 has been released or not! Does anyone know out there? Have you bought one? Comments?
Is iPad really wedging a new space in the business enterprise? Apple store and Apple dealers say yes! Medical community next? Amazing!
MeFeedia reports that 54% of all H.264 video is not available in HTML5. This signals the end of Adobe choke hold on online video! yahOO!
Is Apple secretly getting rid of White iPhone! Do you have the same feeling. Even mention of its name has been removed from Apple Site!
They keep saying people are poor in, China People's republic of, all the time. Apple iPhone 4 is sold out throughout China. Poor? lOlz
Is Adobe, under direct pressure, from Apple phasing Flash out? Adobe demoed a Flash to HTML5 converter at Adobe Max 2010. Apple Power? lOl
I am upgrading my UbUntU Box from 10.04 to the new version of 10.10. Hoping the idle freezing will go away! You? Updating yet? Why not?
Since I picked up my Apple Magic Trackpad, my 'scrolling life' has improved. Just for this one function, it justify it's cost. Get one!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

It seems that Apple's iPhone sales has surpassed that of Blackberry in this last quarter! Was this expected? Kinda...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

@patricknorton We all know Apple and we know that the control over the Apps sold on Mac App Store won't be so far form App Stores. lOlz
All In all - Apple proved once and for all they have NOT - repeat NOT forgotten about Macintosh and Mac is alive and well! KUDOS!
@patricknorton dude! MacBooks are going nowhere. I promise ya!
@macrumors doing a great coverage of the Apple event on the Twitter!
The New Apple 11.6" Macbook Air will sell like hot cakes! Now to the Pirces! lOlz $999 for 11.6. Nice!
Apple has taken the Thinest Laptop place, again! Hard to even follow up Apple - Imagine bypassing them! Know any company that can do? lOlz
Steve Jobs just said " But One more thing"! lOlz! Macbook+iPad = Macbook Air!
Apple next Mac OS X, 10.7 Lion, will be a totally new trend setter that Microsoft and everyone else have to follow! Nothing new about that!
The new iMOvie part of the Apple iLife is totally amazing! Apple makes a huge killing if they port iLife to PC. But they won't! lOlz
At last! Apple just announced iLife '11. Damn time! Seems to be nice. I will get it!
WoW! Apple event hasn't begun yet and guess what! Twitter is Over capacitated! When will they spend some $$$ on Scaling? lOlz
Correction: PING.FM is working - But after I reconnected it to twitter. Anyone else has this problem too?
Ping.FM seems not to deliver my Tweets! What gives? PING.FM is not working with twitter again? Bad APIs?
If there is 2 things that I hate the most, it would be HULU and Boxee Box! Gad! Can't stand them!
Will Apple Stream to "Apple Specific Devices" Again and leave everyone else in the dust, like their last event? Electronic Prejudism?
This is the day! The day that Apple as a company get's its head out of its 'back pocket' and remember t's their most important product: Mac!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Will Steve Jons run the entire event tomorrow? If he be feeling well, I guess that would be the case...
I full expect the release date for OS X 10.7 (Lion) in tomorrow's Apple Event! Damn time Apple went back to it's roots! Scroll bars Gone?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So it's getting stranger as we go along! Facebook & Microsoft Bing in the same bed? This is what I hear about the Webcast held by MS * FB!
I have noticed that Gmail screen updates - send/ receive is getting slower everyday! Whats the story? Google running our of bandwidth? lOlz

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Facebook debacle gets worse by the day! Now you can't add anyone as a friend to your friends list. Keeps asking if you know them!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Walmart selling Apple iPad! What next? Problem is, Walmart, can't discount this item and sell it! lOlz
Can 'Slate' building companies ever catch up with Apple's commanding lead of the iPad market? They took too long & now it's too late! lOlz
Can Microsoft be carved up into 2 companies? Microsoft Consumer & Microsoft Enterprise or is this a company 'indivisible' under God? lOlz