Thursday, April 28, 2011

Comcast will diconnect you if you go over your Capped data usage? What bastards! What utter Bastards! Worst ISP is Comcast! ComCast sux!
Char won't Cap - Cahrter won't Cap! Bullshit! Charter Capped your butts to 250GB & will go to 150GB as I predicted. Yay! I was right!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Facebook is so restricting and controlling that if you click on 2 pages quickly, it stops serving data to you for a good minute or so! Crap!
God! Facebook makes me sick! Physically ill! Why do we give so much power to Suckerbug to rule over us! Whats wrong with us, iNet Gen?
Do you have any idea why so many of us take the crap of facebook and still stay there! Suckerbug is such a control freak! Had enough yet?
Do you think that Monkeys develop the facebook software or Suckerbug still imagines that he is a developer! Use some logic, Suckerbug!
Well Facebook is getting more and more disgusting everyday! Their DRACONIAN security measures are so stupid and has no logic in it at all!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Have you seen the new Beta Yahoo Mail? Well I just updated my account to the bet version and I love it! Check it out! Well-done Yahoo!
Apple is really doing well in all the markets. They have more than $65B 'CASH' in their war chest! Damn! their share is up 18.5% in N.AM.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Microsoft says no Tablet OS, until "time is right"! Damn MS! Time is now, not when Apple & Google have devided the entire market 50-50! lOlz
Will Intel ever get tired of having "their best ever quarter ever" every quarter? I think not - but boring too, sin't it? AMD did well too!
If you have an Iphone - iPad. you're better off turning the lcoation Services OFF at all times! Apple is tracking you! Privacy? lOlz

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Apple and Samsung 'mess' is getting worse! Now Samsung has filed patent screwup against Apple! When you can't compete, sue! Disgusting!
Has ThunderBolt effectively killed USB3 before even getting deployed on large scale with the help of Intel. creator of both? Strange! lOlz
Is Apple thinking about creating a MackBook Pro with retina display? I see in Lion Dev seed Core Graphics classes to handle extreme Hi-res!
Added 2TB eSATA Drive to my UBUBTU box & installed SubVersion. What is the best SubV Client for Mac OSX and Windows Clients? Devs, Ideas?
I like Adobe Air more & more. I must start learning Air Development. Mac OS X - Windows & Linux version of Porj released on same day! WoW

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I always thought that Kay Pro was the birth of mobile computing! Not so! Osborne 1 was the first loggable mobile running CP/M on a Z80.
Fix for Chrome Crashing importing bookmarks from a file generated by Safari: Remove all book mars form Chrome - click on import & it works!
Export your Safari Bookmarks - Import them to Google Chrome & Chrome Crashes, every time. This is a reproducible bug! Google? Fix? huh?
I got an Asus Netbook & updated its RAM to 2GB - installed Win7 on it & set it up as my Internet Video Streamer. Cheap - Fast!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Why hasn't Apple released the 4.3.x for older iPOd Touches? WTF! Is Apple retiring Second Gen 32GB iPod Touch? Come on!
Apple is buying Touch panels so fast that it has delayed the release of RIM's Tablet! Sneaky Sneaky, Mr. Jobs. lOlz
Why we hear that the 'Call drop' for iPhone 4 is much lower on Verizon? Phone is the same. It must be AT&T somehow stink? lOlz
Apple is snatching game talent from other companies! Apple becoming a game company as well? A lot of diversification? Worried 4 Anti-Trust?
How creative the NAB Conference will be this year? A lot of hot-air, but how creative will it be? I wonder...
At last we will have a 'real' autobiography of Steve Jobs to be released in 2012. I wonder how candid and open this version will be? lOlz..
Adobe Photoshop 'Touch' SDK is a very important release. What if through the use of this SDK we can create REAL Canvas for Artists? wOw!