Friday, June 29, 2012

Congratulation Mr. President Obama on this great victory. President Obama has done, what no other US President been able to do. WOW!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

First the Microsoft Surfaces and now Google Glasses! And we are surprised why none of these companies can compete with Apple? lOlz

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another ADOBE Victim: Adobe Dropped support for Adobe Air On Linux! Not just for RunTime - but also for the SDK! This is disgusting! lOlz

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I believe its time for Apple to create a new App to replace the aging iTunes! No revamp - but Total rewrite from ground up. Apple? lOlz
Why is TwitterDeck Shamelessly refused to give us the ability to change font size? Damn it WwitterDEck we are going Blindreading tweets!!



Been a long time that we could feed PING.FM directly from TwitterFeed.  The Good old day are gone and these 2 companies over something decided not to make peace and left us hanging with no work around.  We hoped that these 2 companies will make peace.  That never happened either.  Do you know of other options?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tim Cook did a good job of managing WWDC 2012 keynote w/ help of 4 other guys. Steve Jobs did the entire presentation himslef. RIP Steve! :(
Microsoft releases 26 patches for Iran and middle east computers! Now that we all know about SutxNet and Flamer. How involved are they?
Don't you hate the Slowness of Google Chrome when it starts up with that damn sync shit! I am fed up with Google Chrome! Aren't you? lOlz
Lattest Update From Apple is a Horried 2.5GB download. lOlz ope ning up to 4GB+. Damn dudes! What gives?
It is refreshing to see the Facebook IPO Flop. It showed them market does NOT need or want a compoany with the reputation of Facebook! lOlz

Friday, June 08, 2012

News: Google Promises to inform us if a State-Nation is tareting us on the net! Now that would be nice, as long as its not after the fact!
Win Vista seems to have the lowest number of infections by StuxNet! Why? Least used Win or best protected Win? XP takes the grunt of it.
If StuxNet was deved for attacking Iranian Nuclear system, then why the most infections are located in India & Indonesia? More good Qs.
StuxNet's Pandora's Box is opened. Has it been moded to attack us? Is the modified beast been implemented against the "West"? Are we Safe?
The more I study StuxNet the more culprits show up! Most Domains were registered by Godaddy! Did they know about StuxNet & cooprated?

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Well Happy IPV6 Day to all of you! Internet now has 340 trillion trillion trillion IP addreses! Would that be enough for 1000 years? lOlz
StuxNet (flame) Worm is 5 years & it disables 10 vital Win processes! Did Microsoft Know about it? If so, could they ever be trusted again?
StuxNet Worm is 5 years old & dsiables 10 vital windows processes & Microsoft didn't know about it? If they did, can they ever be trusted?
Been Looking at StuxNet (flame) worm in the past day, examning decompiled C source. Q: have Microsoft been involved in developmnet of Flame?