Saturday, February 23, 2008

Been Away!

Well I have been away much too long and been neglecting my Web-log - but with good reason! We are going through integration of our software system and I - unfortunately - been responsible as the integration specialist! We are nearly done, so I will be back to full Web-Logging soon!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Apple doubles capacity of iPhone and iPod Touch

The next step towards iPhone 2.0 and a new iPOd. A 32GB iPod and a 16GB iPhone. The new iPhone will have more memory than my 10GB Nokia N95-8G. This also can be the next step to the resurrection of a new version of Newton. Could it be? Hard to believe Jobs will change his mind about Newton. After all it was Steve Jobs that killed Newton. But even in his case, Hell Froze over and he used INTEL chips in his beloved Macs. Can this hell Also freeze over? Anything is possible...

Monday, February 04, 2008

Remembering the Coleco Adam

Remembering an Old

Coleco Adam
Released: 1983
Price: $750
OS: Elementary Operating System (EOS), OS-7
Processor: Zilrog Z80A at 3.58 MHz
Memory: 80k bytes, expandable to 144k bytes
Display: Attaches to TV; 256x192 resolution
Storage: One 256k byte cassette drive, optional second drive ($200)
Industry legend states that Coleco named its first (and last) foray into the home computer market "Adam" because the system would take a bite out of Apple Computers. This of course wasn't the case. But the name did prove Biblically accurate in that both Adams were massive disappointments to their creators.  But you have to remember the Printer that came with the system.  It was a Typewriter quality and it was totally amazing at the time that Dot Matrix Printers ruled.  The printer was text only though and you could only do ASCII graphics with it - No Dot Addressable facility.  A time Gone by - A time of adventure - A time of wonder - long gone.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Microsoft Acquiring Yahoo - Sanity check!

Microsoft Friday unveiled a bid of 44.6 billion dollars for Yahoo in an effort to merge the world's biggest software company with a major Internet player to take on the Google juggernaut. Yahoo said it was examining the "unsolicited proposal" and added that its board "will evaluate this proposal carefully and promptly in the context of Yahoo's strategic plans and pursue the best course of action to maximize long-term value for shareholders."
The move comes as Yahoo is losing ground rapidly in the Internet space to Google, the search leader which has been able to cash in on the growing market for online advertising.
Google is truly taking over the internet market and Microsoft feels the threat and wants to encounter it with any desprate move. Yahoo is in rapid spiral decline against Good and MSN, and we all know that it will be nothing but trouble for Microsoft.  On the other hand Google is becoming an irresistible force that no one can encounter or even imagine to take on.  Sacrilege!  Of course MS will take over all those heads that are using yahoo at this time - but this will be a simulated addition and not a true one.  I also predict that if Microsoft buys Yahoo, the Yahoo decline will speed up and the migration to alternate system will intensify.  I guess we have to wait and see. In my opinion, MS might benefit from this merge in the short run - but shall register a huge loss in the long run.  Another point to consider will be this: Is yahoo worth $45B?  Hard to say, but I feel it is not - at least not in the long run.