Monday, May 31, 2010

Google dumping Windows through out the company, translates to 20,000 less licences. Would that translate to 20,000 more Macs & OS Xs?
If you are a Google employee & you want to use a Windows machine you need CIO's approval & chances are you won't get it! Mac OS X is it now!
Google is Phasing out the use of Windows internally, opts for Mac OS X or Linux. Significant move! Hint: China Hack & Security? Any ideas?
One of these days someone has to explain to me who comes up with these STUPID Porject names for various releases of Ubuntu Linux? Gad!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I am planning to install & Configure a SubVersion repository system on an Ubuntu 10.04 desktop. Do I need to install the Ubuntu Server?
"Social from the start", is the new Ubuntu 10.04 Battle-Cry! They are p-ositioning the OS to be Social Media friendly? hmmm
Ubuntu has a 10.04 ver for old Macs based on PPC. Believe it or not, I am instaklling it on a B&W-G3 machine. WoW! Ubuntu 10.04 on PPC G3!
A huge roumor: MSFT invited to Apple WWDC10? Can you imagine S. Ballmer introducing Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate for oS X? lOlz!
NOw this is a great idea: Every Bluetooth device should come with their own App configuring & managind the device from the phone!
Wouldn't an iPad make a great D&D device? Imagine 7 players 7 iPads and you can roll the dice virtually & play the turns on all iPads.
Would an iPad and a Mac MiNi curb your computing needs? Mini acting as you main Digital Hub and iPad as your mobile device! Doable? lOlz
I can clearly say that I have stopped using Firefox on all platforms that I use. Safari On Macs - Chrome on Win7 & Linux is 'it' now! lOlz
Google has done a great job w/ Chrome on Linux. Why is it the Macintosh version is so much slower? Black OPs agasint Apple? Paranoia? lOlz
Been using UBUNTU 10.0.4 w/ Gnome Desktop, & the more I use it, the beter it looks. Got a P4 laying around? Install Ubuntu. you love it!

Friday, May 28, 2010

RIP Gary Coleman :(
The power of masses are much greater than the individuals. Masses moved & Facebook came back crawling back changing their policy. KUDOS!
TGIF to everyone! Hope you have a DESU-less weekend and may no Epic Fail befell upon you! lOlz

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Linux has grwon to be a 'plug & play' OS. Been using Ubuntu 10.0.4 & its nearly as good as Win / Mac. One big diff: It's FREE! Go Penguin!
Since Seesmic bought Ping.FM, they have screwed it up badly! Why can't they leave PING.FM alone? Gad!
Apple share in Europe rose by 0.5% and they are patying! Microsoft's share: 91.9%. Amaqzing that no one can move this giant!
Apple share in Europe rose by 0.5% and they are patying! Microsoft's share: 91.9%. Amaqzing that no one can move this giant!
Apple share in Europe rose by 0.5% and they are patying! Microsoft's share: 91.9%. Amaqzing that no one can move this giant!
Apple market share rose by 0.5% in Apr. Apple Europe partying! MSFT share 91.9% & they are quiet, as usual! Why? MSFT needs to booggie!
Apple market share rose by 0.5% in Apr. Apple Europe partying! MSFT share 91.9% & they are quiet, as usual! Why? MSFT needs to booggie!
Apple market share rose by 0.5% in Apr. Apple Europe partying! MSFT share 91.9% & they are quiet, as usual! Why? MSFT needs to booggie!
Roumor: S. Ballmer to present at Apple's WWDC10! Are these rumor mongers crazy? Then again, Hell Froze over & Apple went Intel! Why not?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Apple knocked MSFT down as biggest Tech Enterprise! MSFT shares traded at $222.7 and Apple has was $225.1.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's amazing to actually see the vastness of Linux Help / Howto & Online Support and all for free! Well-done Linux Community. Use Linux!
Chrome is out of Beta! Heeee Haaa! n terms if Google Betas, Chrome team has done a bang up job! Otherwise it would be in beta for 8 years!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Steve Jobs: "Our developers won't be disappointed on WWDC10". Nice to hear that. Q: will we get a new Mac Pro and a new iPhone? hmmm
I will be at the Apple WWDC10 From Monday, June 10 - Wednesday, June 13. I also have my Keynote ticket. If you out there, lets do lunch!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

How can AT&T jackup Early Termination Fee from $175 to $325, all on it's own? Don't we need some regulation or class action agasint AT&T?
TUAW Q: "Is Apple TV on Life Support"? A: Apple TV Died a Long time ago, no one bothered to tell it & thats why its still out there. lOlz!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Have you seen Nokia N8 Symbian 3 Phone? 48GB mem - 12MP Cam - 802.11N w/ HD video - HDMI - on Demand TV - & totally social Media friendly!
MSFT backing off the 'slate' market all together! Killed the Courier slate project & says has no plans for a new one! 2nd bites the dust!
AT&T fearing the fall out of it's customer base to other services is making ealry termination very costly! $325 for Smartphones! Downfall?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

How can you use Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and not find it a totally amazing IDE! Kudos to MSFT! If only I could have it for OS X too!
Bill Gates told everyone about a tablet form device that would be the device that he will take around:
Its so funny to see how friendly Apple's Steve Jobs is with MSFT's Gates and how their users hate each other with such passion! Sick! lOlz

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This is very interesting, I just got an email advertising for Adobe CS5 from Apple! They do say: "Biz makes strange bed fellows"! lOlz

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Apple is poised to introduce their Online Live Music Streaming prodcut at WWDC10. Why is this service essential to anyone? Makes me go hmmm
It's final & shocking! Google has dropped 'best' Android based phone, Nexus One! If Android is selling so well, then why drop Nexus? lOlz
Apple claims of USB eyboards not function with iPad seems at best, to be erroneous! Here is a video proving it:
FoxConn, the producer of iPhone, is promising the delivery of 24M iPhones in 2nd half of 2010. I find that number low! Would we need more?
Apple opens up iPad ISP choice in Japan, & tightens it in North America to AT&T & Rogers! Why? Why can't we get the same in N.America? YuK!
What is Apple root problem(s) with WiFi Sync for iPod - iPhone & iPad? Any inside info?
If iPad is in such short supply in US, then how can Apple start International distribution in less than 10 days?
Google seems to have started the development of Chrome 6. Mos Chrome users are on 4.x. What happened to Chrome 5? Died in Beta? What gives?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nexus One, best of Android phones has been discontinued by Google & dropped by Verizon & Sprint! I bet it was selling so good! lOlz - NOT!
Video games sales has plummeted in this month, after a full 9 years of growth! What gives? Does this signal the R-word for game industry?
Acer says it has no near plans to release a Chrome Based OS in the near future and everything that we have heard has been bong smoke! lOlz

Friday, May 14, 2010

SmartMoney: Apple might soon becomes the largest American company! If that would be the case, then Apple would loose it's eliteness! lOlz
TGIF to everyone. may you have a DESU-less weekend and may no Epic Fails befell upon ya!
We have received OS X 10.6.4 build 10F50 through Apple seeds. Planing to install it on our test machine to find out what breaks.
Why doesn't Apple bring Mac MINI in from a of a Cube! With that power and that design, they will sell an awful lot of them. Don't ya think?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Apple VS Nokia - Google VS HTC! Let the hostilities commence. May the worse company win! So stupid!
I have just finished installation of UbUntU Notebook 10.0.4 nn my MSI Wind. It recognized all the hardware. Installed Skype / Chrome OK.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If you are a dev, then I suggest to switch to Visual studio 2010 Ultimate for your desktop & Pro for your laptop! Dev's heaven! Kudos MSFT!
Google has a hamster gadget that you can put on your Google IG page to keep[ you company, all day?! Too much MOney Google, eh? Shows!
When you delete an email from your Gmail account, is it really deleted or is it just hidden from you and lives on on Gmail? hmmm...
Microsoft IE GM: HTML5 is the future of the Web. So, it's not just Apple, its Microsoft too that has passsed Fash by. Come forth HTML5.
There has to be a a truce & understanding between Adobe and everyone else that conveys the fact that Adobe will fix Flash & fast.
Jakob Nielson the usuability expert: "iPad UI is whacky"! Now thats a 'usful remarke'! What the hell does that mean? lOlz
We all heard about the 99 year old lady, Victoria Campbell, who started using an iPad as her first computer ever. To me that was one of the greatest Technology news in the last few months. A nearly 100 year old woman starts using a computer for the first time. Isn’t that amazing? It feels my heart with joy to see that technology has penetrated the human society so deeply that its fruits are no longer only for the engineers and technologists, but it belongs to everyone, regardless of the Age - Sex - Color or Creed. By the way, who or what is a technologist? That is a question for me as well. I have concluded they came up with this term for the people that have no formal training in ‘technology’ but they know a ‘little’ about it and needed to justify their dabbling in the trade with a title. The term ‘Technological Wannabe’ might define the meaning of a so called ‘Technologist’ in a clearer manner.

Cory Doctorow, a self appointed champion of open systems (probably a ‘technologist’, hint hint) who is a nouveau Apple hater went all the way across the continent to Lake Oswego, Ore., to verbally abuse the 99 year old iPad user for being part of the problem of closed and DRM-ridden systems. Knowing that MS Campbell never used a computer and consequently have no idea about open or closed system, how could this maniac accuse and abuse her? Is Cory Dumb – Dumber or Dumbest?

Cory Doctorow, the ‘technologist’, goes on to say:

“Apparently Ms. Campbell is happy inside Apple’s walled garden,” Doctorow said after being ejected from the Mary’s Woods Retirement Community for haranguing the nonagenarian for a full 45 minutes on the moral imperative of open systems, digital rights and steampunk subculture.

Can you believe this? Has this person gone completely off the deep end? How can you abuse an elderly, 99 years of age, for a full 45 minutes for something that she has no idea of? I’d say that charges should be brought up against Doctorow and he should spend a few months in the slammer playing the little ‘lady’ to one of the king pins in the joint, so he may learn his place and keep the respect of his elders, regardless of what type of computer system they use; Open or Closed. Is Cory Dumb – Dumber or Dumbest?

In another part of his diatribe, Cory Doctorow points out that:

“I hope she’s happy in the infantile world of apps only approved by Apple’s jack-booted thugs,” the author of Little Brother said. “I hope she’s happy being forced into being a content consumer instead of a content creator. And when I say ‘I hope she’s happy’ I’m being sarcastic because people like Campbell really are the worst people in the world. And that includes pedophiles.”

Can you believe this? If you take this quote and give it to MS Campbell, she, probably, would be hard pressed to make heads or tails out of it! What does this maniac expect from MS Campbell? To become a ‘Content Creator’ at her age, with no background in the field and hardly able to see the screen of an iPad? Comparing a 99 year old lady living in a retirement home to pedophiles and then concluding she is worse than them? This is outrageous! Doctorow should be sued on behalf of MS Campbell for slander and defamation of character, and not just him, but also that rag-tag site that he writes for. Is Cory Dumb – Dumber or Dumbest?

I guess the dumbest thing that he could come up with was in this part of his diatribe:

“I explained to her how easy it is to compile and install Debian on a steampunk casemod of a tablet built by a Japanese company I know of that’s run entirely bybloody nurse cosplayers. You have to reset some jumpers and the sound card isn’t compatible yet, but you can run GIMP on it. Try that on an iPad.

After reading this can you still declare Doctorow sane? A 99 year old woman who has never used a computer in her life ordering a ‘Steampunk Casemod’ pad from an unnamed Japanese company - modifying ‘Jumper Settings” on the device - installing DEBIAN Linux Distro on it and after all that sound card won’t work? How stupid can he get? A lot of ‘Technologist” like him can’t do that – let alone MS Campbell. Is Cory Dumb – Dumber or Dumbest?

You might conclude that Doctorow could be THE Dumbest ‘technologist’ that you ever heard of. But I have a sinking feeling that the stunt had a darker and more disgusting reason behind it. Doctorow might have performed this stunt purely for getting attention and get his name back in the tech news and hope for glory days to come. Getting publicity, even bad one which I’m told to be better than none, at the expense of 99 year old woman using a computer for the first time? In response, I say: Shame – Shame on you Mr. Doctorow…
A new Blog update.: Is Cory Doctorow Dumb – Dumber or THE Dumbest?

Sunday, May 09, 2010

UbUntU 8.0.4 runs really well on Mac G3 - G4 - G5. Wel done UbUntU!
I just saw the Lenovo Cell Phone tagetted only to china, LePhone, and let me tell ya: Its ugly! I don't mean ugly - I mean oooogllly!
iPad has been cannibalizing netbook sales in the past month. Here is a chart for you to see the details:
HP's drop of Win 7 based Slate is an effective move. Getting a lesson from Apple's iPad, HP wants to simplify their slate with WebOS. :)
iPad sells closes to 2000,000 mark in less than a month. May 28, when international sales start, should give sells a huge jolt. Go Apple!
Many companies developing Slates & Pads seem to be jumping off the pad wagon & disappearing into the dust. Latest is HP dumping slate! lOlz
AT&T will maintain it's strangle hold on iPhone by offering unlimited data plan for iPad, at least for the rest of this year!
Ning systems has decided to drop their free limited service that they were providing in July. This would be a huge body blow to Ning! lOlz

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Apple has set the international release date for iPad to 28 May! I hope they won't have the same shortage that they experiences in US! lOlz
I think I was lucky to get WWDC10 just in time! The damn thing sold out in 8 days!Many Devs want to attend & that's a very healthy sign. :)
UK Orange has annouced iPad Data plans & they are nasty! $60 for a plan that ain't even unlimited! Bet Rogers-the-Robbers will do the same!
I am beginning to thing that Apple really hates iPod Touch & it's going the same way as Newton! Mr. Jobs wrath? What gives?

Friday, May 07, 2010

I have received my credentials for Apple WWDC10 plus my Keynote card today. Incidentally, Apple WWDC10 was sold out today! Lucky, wasn't I?
Since all the Nokia's lawsuits was put on hold everywhere, Nokia moved to Wisconsin and sued Apple there, one more time. So Childish! lOlz
TGIF to everyone! May you have a DESU-less weekend ahead of you and may no Epic fail befell upon you! Amen!
Microsoft spend $512M for advertising in 2009. In comparison, Apple Amazon spent $249M & $43M. The cheapest w/ $11M is Google!
PING.FM was working so well, till they decided to screw around with it! It's melting away and it's not pretty! Roll Back the update! Plz!
Everywhere I turn, I see the conversion and migration to HTML5 which great. Its time we go to something new! Down with Flash!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I have siad it before & I say it again: The User Interface and User Interaction of Facebook is designed by dump chimpanzees! lOlz...

Monday, May 03, 2010

I have put the purchase of MacBook Pro (core i7 / 8GB ram) on hold. The 100C (220F) heat issue is too much for my taste. I prefer to wait!
No matter who does what, Windows command the world of computing! Windows Market share: 91%. This amazing! Is this not a MONOPOLY? lOlz...
The promise of Tethering on iPhone never really materilized. On iPad's unlimted plan, will AT&T / Rogers allow it? What is the diff?
With high number of iPad 3Gs projected to be sold, the question is: Will AT&T and Rogers network be cruhed under the unlimted 3G data plan?
Fortune Mag: Is Adobe Flash dying? DuH! Like wake up and smell the stink! Flash should have died long ago in a planet far far away! lOlz
Prosecutor in Case of Gizmodo didn't have the right to 'take' any material from Chen's house! Journalists materials are proteced by law!!!
iTunes in the Cloud? Is Apple building the proverbial Music-in-Clouds in N. Carolina's newly build Data Centre? Is this why LaLa was closed?
Apple iPad WiFi / 3G released last Driday has sold out in Apple stores. With this trend, Apple will sell several million by years end. WoW!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Adobe keeps defending Flash like there is no tomorrow and promising salvation. Problem is, they still haven't released it! When, Adobe? lOl
If you using Aperture 3, Apple has released update 3.3 which makes this App much faster. Get it - Recommended!
I love the way that the Fox New Reviews High Tech equipment, knowing that the main stream media knows nothing from Tech! lOlz
Apple says: "We have sold more than 1.35M iPads in the past 3 weeks"! Are they right expecting close to 10M sales by the end of the year?

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Gnome & UbUntU seem to be following Apple's OS X standards for GUI / NUI very closely. I feel that is great for Gnome & UbUntU! Go Apple!
Gnome & UbUntU seem to be following Apple's OS X standards for GUI / NUI very closely. I feel that is great for Gnome & UbUntU! Go Apple!