Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mac Whacking: switching between desktop environments is a slap!: "From this post by Tom Krazit at CNET we learn of Erling Ellingsen who has developed a way to use the motion sensor in modern Mac laptops to allow him to tap the side of the screen and bring up different desktop environments. He has posted a video of this amazing feat as well as all the geeky details on on how to get this stunt to work.

iPod phone Part 1: Speed Dial with your iPod: "If you're an iPod owner, you're carrying more power around in your pocket that you realize. The ubiquitous music player has capabilities that go way beyond 5,000 songs.

In our new series, Pro Pod Power Tips we'll unlock some of the iPod's lesser-known capabilities.

Join me for our first episode. We'll be teaching our iPods to dial a phone in the first of two iPod phone articles.

CONCEPTDRAW MINDMAP 4.4 ADDS MIND MAPPING TO iPOD: "Odessa, Ukraine, May 18, 2006 – CS Odessa announces that the new version of ConceptDraw MINDMAP 4.4 becomes the first application that brings mind maps to iPods. With ConceptDraw MINDMAP users of

Apple releases XCode 2.3 | MacMegasite: " 
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Apple releases XCode 2.3
Apple has released XCode 2.3, the latest version of their integrated development environment. Major changes in this version include New DWARF debugging format for improved debugging fidelity and efficient utilization of disk space; New Distributed Network Build (DNB) scalable build architecture; and numerous enhancements and bug fixes. XCode 2.3 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later on a PowerPC or Intel processor. See the full release notes here.

Apple Matters | When Is It Okay to Insult iPod Users?: "

May 27, 1981: Apple Offers Second Block Shares to the Public
Decode Your Digital Photos with Reveal
Apple Plus Pearson Equals PowerSchool Multiplied
May 26, 2004: Apple Starts an iPod Division
Is There Room for a Really Cheap Mac?

iPhone: iThink Not

If you were kicking around Europe in the middle ages there were certain things, William Manchester tells us, that you simply believed. Saber toothed hirsute humans patrolled the forests, Atlantis was just over the horizon, and rabid frothing men with the heads of dogs lived to the south. That there was no evidence of the existence of any of these things would not, the average peasant would sincerely aver, have the slightest impact on the implicit unshakable belief in their reality. The Apple iPhone is a little like the legends of yore. There is no actual evidence of such a beast but because there are iPods and cell phones it seems like a sure thing that Apple will produce a cell phone.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Scott Kelby launches online ''Photoshop for Digital Photographers'': "The National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) has just released Photoshop for Digital Photographers with Scott Kelby--a 21-day online training course on its newly launched training site....

Why the New Mac Campaign will Fail: "

Last Thursday, this space featured a column earnestly opining that advertising the iPod alone wasn’t enough to help Mac sales. This week Apple introduced new ads for the Mac. The surprising thing is that Apple could respond that quickly to the complaint, sure Final Cut is great but Apple even…

Apple Renews 99 Cent Deal--Is That What It Takes to Compete?: "

In a meeting ending Monday evening, Apple announced it would hold steady on the original 99 cent price for all of its iTunes songs. Apple pioneered the digital download market in 2003 with the iPod/iTunes perfect combination, but recently music industry moguls and overseas legislation have threatened the iTunes price bracket.…

This Day: May 11, 1999: Apple Announces the G4: "The biggest difference between a G3 chip and its successor the G4 was Altivec. Altivec, renamed Velocity Engine by Apple for marketing purposes, added a 128 bit vector execution unit that promised to speed up graphically intensive tasks significantly. That wasn’t the only good thing about the G4.

MS tries to rain on PS3 parade with $200 Wii forecast: "

Exec predicts cut-price Nintendo box

Microsoft has claimed Nintendo's Wii console will cost $200 when its ships. Well, sort of. In a dig at Sony, Microsoft VP Peter Moore said consumers will be able to buy an Xbox 360 and a Wii for the price of a $599 PlayStation 3, according to Reuters.…

NASA denies Japanese SST talks: "

'No discussion at this time' on SuperConcorde

The SSTA NASA spokeswoman has denied that the agency plans to hold talks with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) over the development of the latter's Next Generation Supersonic Transport (SST).…